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Warsaw. They threw stones and bricks at the windows of the historic building

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The hooligans set their sights on the historic “tram drivers' school” in Praga and keep coming back there. City guards intervened once again in recent months after a group of minors broke through the fence and threw stones and bricks at the building's windows.

On Wednesday, a quarter of an hour before 4 p.m., the neighbors of the “tram drivers' school” at Kawęczyńska Street called again, asking for intervention, by dialing 986. The residents do not agree to the devastation of the historic building and cooperate with guards from the 6th Regional Department to restore order on the property.

Teenage vandals handed over to police

“This time, the notification concerned a group of teenagers who got into a fenced area and threw stones and bricks at the windows of a building on Kawęczyńska Street. The reporting parties provided detailed descriptions of the perpetrators. The young people who devastated the building were quickly caught at the exit from the nearby tram depot. The teenage vandals were arrested. handed over to the police,” the Warsaw City Guard said in a statement.

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The guards also informed the building manager that the current security measures do not prevent unauthorized persons from entering the monument.

This is not the first time someone has destroyed a historic building. In April, guards reported that a couple with a child were passing the “tram drivers' school” when suddenly they flew into the street glass shards. The family noticed young hooligans in the windows of the monument. The boys, aged 10, 12 and 13, were taken into police custody.

Hooligans devastated the monument at Kawęczyńska Street Warsaw City Guard

Also in March, while inspecting the area, guards noticed that a group of people broke in to an abandoned building. It turned out to be five teenagers. They were all students of Warsaw high schools. The entire group was handed over to the police.

The city guard and police intervened in the building at 12 Kawęczyńska StreetCity guard in Warsaw

It was supposed to be a factory, but a “tram drivers' school” was created

The building of the Roesner Junior High School at Kawęczyńska 12 was built in the late 1920s. Initially, it belonged to the Jewish Datyner family and was intended to be a factory. However, the venture failed and the property was auctioned. The new owner, Halina Roesner, established a junior high school there, called the “tram drivers' school” by pre-war residents of Prague (the depot nearby still operates today). In 1938, the building housed a high school named after Maria Skłodowska-Curie.

After the occupation of Prague in September 1944, the Red Army located the War Tribunal and the prosecutor's office here. The characteristic cell door from the so-called “peephole”. After the end of the war, the building housed the first girls' high school in Praga, and in the late 1950s, the hotel of the Volunteer Labor Corps. The building has not been used for the last few years.

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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