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Great Britain. What did the royal family spend over PLN 550 million on? Report published

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Buckingham Palace published its financial report. It shows that King Charles III and his family spent £107.5 million over the year, or over PLN 550 million. The BBC has obtained documentation that gives information on the expenses of the monarch and his relatives.

British royal family last year it received 86.3 million pounds (approx. PLN 442 million) from the government under the so-called The Sovereign Grant, a public fund dedicated to the needs of the monarchy, which covers the travel, security and upkeep of royal palaces and their staff. Meanwhile, the expenditure of the royal family last year amounted to 107.5 million pounds (over PLN 550 million) – 5 percent more than last year. more than a year earlier. This means that the Windsors had to reach for 20.7 million pounds (approx. PLN 106 million) from the reserves, the BBC portal indicated on Thursday, which reached the latest financial report of the royal family.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla during the Royal Ascot in Ascot, UKNEIL HALL/EPA/PAP

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According to the documentation, the British monarchy has allocated significant funds in the last year, among others to been conducted for several years complete renovation of Buckingham Palace (£34.5 million, or about PLN 178 million), funeral Queen Elizabeth II (PLN 1.6 million, or about PLN 8 million), the accession of Charles III to the throne, salaries for about 500 people working at the royal court (PLN 27.1 million, or about PLN 139 million) and for travel, including 179 helicopter flights (over 1 million pounds, i.e. over 5 million PLN) or Charles III’s first state visit to Germany (£146,000, or about PLN 750,000). In the case of the monarch, even a train ride from Ayr to Manchester is a considerable expense, costing 32,000. pounds (i.e. approx. PLN 165,000).

British royal familyMALCOLM PARK / Avalon /PAP

The royal family saved on energy consumption

Some of the costs were offset by the income from admission tickets to royal residences (£9.8 million, or about PLN 50 million). The report shows that in winter the temperature in royal residences was kept at 19 degrees Celsius to reduce energy consumption. In the empty rooms, the temperature in winter did not exceed 16 degrees Celsius.

Buckingham PalaceShutterstock

The BBC drew attention to the opinion that the British monarchy costs the government more than the amount of the Sovereign Grant. The fund does not cover security costs. These are covered by the police, who did not disclose their expenses related to the activities of the royal family last year. In May, the British Ministry of Finance announced that the funeral of Elizabeth II and the events during the 10-day period of national mourning cost the UK government £161.74 million. According to unofficial estimates, the coronation of Charles III could cost between 50 and 100 million pounds.

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The “true cost” of the British monarchy

In May, Brand Finance, a consulting company, estimated that the British economy could gain as much as £958 million (nearly PLN 5 billion) this year thanks to the monarchy. tourism, patronage of members of the royal family, or coverage of royal events in the media around the world. However, the BBC indicated that it was impossible to give an exact amount, and individual estimates “significantly” differ from each other.

According to the anti-monarchist group Republic, “The real cost” of the monarchy is around £345m (PLN 1.78bn) a year. “Enough to pay for 13,000 new nurses or teachers,” said Republic boss Graham Smith.

This is how the British celebrated the birthday of King Charles IIIPAP/EPA/DAVID CLIFF

The British royal family – where does it get its profits from

The Sovereign Grant is not the Windsors’ only source of income. Charles III and the heir to the throne, Prince William, receive income from the Duchy of Lancaster and the Duchy of Cornwall, which are their possessions. Moreover, the current one the monarch profits by renting out hundreds of properties and cultivating the land he inherited from his mother, who died last year. As determined by the “Guardian”, in the case of Balmoral it is 21.7 thousand. hectares of land, while Sandringham covers 8.1 thousand. hectares of land, of which 6.4 thousand hectares of farmland.

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Main photo source: MALCOLM PARK / Avalon /PAP

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