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Jawiszowice. Delay in the construction of the S7 road. The reason for archaeological discoveries

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The deadline for completing the construction of the S1 road section between Oświęcim and Dankowice has been postponed by almost a year. The reason is archaeological discoveries. Traces of settlement dating back several thousand years were found in Jawiszowice.

The current deadline for completing works on this section of the S1 road is the beginning of June 2025. This is more than 10 months later than initially expected. The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways announced the changes.

“During the construction of the S1 expressway between Oświęcim and Dankowice – in the area of ​​Jawiszowice – traces of settlements dating back 7,000 to 10,000 years were found,” we read in the press release published on Monday.

Archaeological discovery in JawiszowiceGDDKiA

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Discoveries at the road construction site

Due to the discoveries, road workers suspended work in this part of the construction site. “The contact engineer (…) found it justified to extend the time to complete the investment by 223 calendar days. (…) According to the signed annex, the deadline for completing the construction of the section was postponed from July 26, 2024 to June 5, 2025.” – announced GDDKiA.

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The Katowice management reported that archaeological research was carried out by a specialized company at two sites in Jawiszowice. At the first site, where research was carried out last fall, eight archaeological objects buried in the ground were discovered. “Six of them are deep resource pits, which originally served as cellars. The remaining two are the so-called post holes, i.e. the remains of wooden poles driven into the ground, which were part of an above-ground structure that was not captured during the research. During the exploration of the objects, fragments were found clay vessels. They come from the period of the settlement of the so-called Lusatian culture in the studied area, occurring in the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age in the years 1100-400 BC.

Archaeological discovery in JawiszowiceGDDKiA

The second site was several hundred meters away from the first. “Six archaeological objects were registered there, of which three are the so-called post pits, which are the remains of wooden structures, two broadly understood economic pits related to the functioning of the settlement, and an object defined as a ditch. In the fill of one of the objects, three monuments made of flint and 24 fragments of pottery from the so-called Mierzanowice culture, which developed in the studied area in the early Bronze Age, i.e. in the years 2300-1800 BC. Noteworthy is the discovery of a flint arrowhead, intricately made of Jurassic flint 34 flint artefacts and three fragments of pottery,” it was reported.

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Archaeological discovery in JawiszowiceGDDKiA

Archaeological discovery in JawiszowiceGDDKiA

Construction of the S1 road

Road engineers informed that the current progress of works on the S1 section is 57%. GDDKiA reminded that the construction of a section of the road from Oświęcim to Dankowice is part of a larger section of S1: from Oświęcim to Bielsko-Biała Hałcnowa.

Ekspresowa S1, which is partially under construction, runs from the junction with the A1 motorway near the Katowice airport in Pyrzowice to the border with Slovakia in Zwardoń. The expressway is currently standard on the sections Pyrzowice – Podwarpie, Dąbrowa Górnicza – Tychy, as well as Bielsko-Biała – Przybędza and Milówka – Zwardoń.

Archaeological discovery in JawiszowiceGDDKiA

Main photo source: GDDKiA

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