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Łódź. Fraud “on a policeman”, the victim lost half a million zlotys. The police show the video and two people are detained

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Half a million zlotys hidden in a small, dark bag was handed over by a resident of the Łódź city center to a fraudster. The crime victim was convinced that he was helping the police and the prosecutor's office to break up a criminal group. A few months after the incident, which was recorded on camera, the police detained a 21-year-old woman and her partner, who was a year younger than her.

The case began in September 2023, when one of the residents of Łódź, who had just returned from the United States, received a phone call. The caller first pretended to be a policeman and then a prosecutor conducting the investigation. The resident of Łódź heard that law enforcement authorities were targeting members of an organized criminal group and the police needed his help in this case.

SEE: They received calls from the “daughter's lawyer”, “son” and “policeman”. They believed and lost their savings.

– To confirm credibility, the perpetrators provided the injured party with the actual number of the Łódź-Śródmieście District Prosecutor in Łódź. The story told was extremely credible for the injured party – reports the subordinate. Adam Dembiński.

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The man – as can be seen in the recordings made available by the police – handed the fraudster a bag containing half a million zlotys.

– The ending of this story is like other similar ones. The “policeman” and “prosecutor” turned out to be a fraud, and the money disappeared. Then the injured party reported this fact to the police – says the subordinate. Dembiński.


Krzysztof Kopania from the Łódź district prosecutor's office reports that the actions taken by the police and the prosecutor's office have brought results.

– As a result of the actions taken, the police selected two people who may have been related to the incident. It was established that a 20-year-old man is in pre-trial detention in connection with other crimes, says the prosecutor.

Police warn against “grandson” and “policeman” scams KRP V

He adds that on April 15, his 21-year-old partner was detained.

– They were both charged with extorting a policeman and a prosecutor. After the hearing, the prosecutor applied for their temporary arrest. The woman faces imprisonment of up to 10 years, and the man, due to the fact that he acted in conditions of recidivism, up to 15 years – says Krzysztof Kopania.

The investigation into this case is ongoing.

– Everything indicates that other people participated in the procedure, so it is likely that the charges will be expanded – concludes the prosecutor.

Main photo source: Police in Łódź

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