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On May 10, four ministers will leave the government. They will run in the European Parliament elections. What will happen if they don't win?

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The government reconstruction is to be announced on Friday. Prime Minister Donald Tusk also announces a change in the number of ministries. The outgoing ministers will run in the elections to the European Parliament. – I always accept every verdict of the voters with humility – says Borys Budka, Minister of State Assets. Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, Marcin Kierwiński and Krzysztof Hetman will also leave.

We know who will leave. It is also known when the official change will take place. – The President invites, in a word, Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the Council of Ministers to the Presidential Palace on Monday – said Wojciech Kolarski, Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland and himself a candidate of Law and Justice in the elections to the European Parliament.

Ceremony at the president's on Monday, May 13 at 10.30. Earlier, on Friday, after nine o'clock, the Prime Minister will accept the resignations of the old ministers and announce the names of the new ones. – These people will start working immediately, I am talking about these new, future ministers – announced Donald Tusk.

Who will replace ministers Budka, Kierwiński and Sienkiewicz?

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Three ministers from the Civic Coalition (Minister of Culture, Minister of State Assets and Minister of Interior and Administration) will run in the European Parliament elections. They leave the government, but even though they start at number one on the electoral lists in their districts, they cannot be 100% sure that they will win the seat. What will happen if they don't get it?

– I will try to ensure that this does not happen – announced Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, Minister of Culture and National Heritage. – I always accept every verdict of the voters with humility – said Borys Budka, the outgoing minister of state assets.

Who will replace ministers Budka and Sienkiewicz? The list of names is large and the comments are sparse. No one will step out of line.

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We hear about possible surprises and candidates outside current politics. In the case of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, the scenario may be that Tomasz Siemoniak will also be the coordinator of secret services and will take over the position after Marcin Kierwiński.

– I will not say anything about it, these are the decisions of the Prime Minister – said Tomasz Siemoniak, minister coordinator of special services, MP of the Civic Coalition.

Morawiecki on changes in the government: this is a panic escape from a ship that is shaking

The fourth minister to be replaced is a PSL politician – Krzysztof Hetman, Minister of Development and Technology. For him it's another volte-face. He moved from the European Parliament to the Sejm, joined the government, and after less than a year – if elected – returned to the European Parliament. Who will replace him in the government? – I am waiting for the decision of the national board – said Krzysztof Paszyk, chairman of the Polish People's Party-Trzecia Droga Parliamentary Club.

Krzysztof Paszyk – as we hear – is not at all sure of the position, although his party colleagues mention him as a candidate. He is a lawyer and local government official.

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Tusk: I will accept the resignation of four ministers on FridayTVN24

Law and Justice's commentary on the changes in the government is extremely critical. – This is a panic escape from a ship that is rocking – said Mateusz Morawiecki, former prime minister and Law and Justice MP. – This government simply does nothing – he added.

– I used the word “escape” because maybe he is afraid of the consequences – said Michał Dworczyk, also a candidate in the European Parliament elections, about Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz.

A whole host of deputy ministers are also running for MEPs

Minister Sienkiewicz made major changes in the public media amid loud protest from PiS politicians. Borys Budka, in turn, did not replace all PiS nominees in State Treasury companies, as the current government says. – The process, of course, is not finished, because there are still daughter companies – admitted Budka.

There may be more changes in the government. A whole host of deputy ministers are also running for MEPs. They remain in office. What's next? Depending on whether they win a mandate, they will stay in the country or take up the work of an MEP. If so, the question is whether there will be reshuffles in which the coalition partners will lose or gain additional government positions.

– You give me a complicated structure. I haven't heard about such ideas at all – commented Szymon Hołownia, Speaker of the Sejm.

Paulina Hennig-Kloska, the Minister of Climate and Environment from Third Way, becomes the government. The Sejm did not support the vote of no confidence in the ministry brought by the opposition.

Main photo source: TVN24

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