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Poznań. A pawned car, an interrupted mass, a microphone snatched from the priest. The police are waiting for a report

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During a Sunday mass in a church in one of the Poznań housing estates, an unusual incident was to take place. According to witnesses, an enraged woman stormed into the temple, knocked over the sexton and snatched the microphone from the priest. The car was supposed to be pawned.

One of the readers of the local epoznan.pl portal informed about the incident during the Sunday mass in the church in the Kiekrz housing estate in Poznań. According to her account described on this portal, at some point the service was disturbed by a woman. She was supposed to run into the temple and knock over the sexton who was collecting on the tray, and then run to the priest.

“The lady snatched the microphone from the priest so that the cars blocking her vehicle, standing in a private church parking lot, would drive away. There is a sign in the parking lot informing that the parking lot is reserved for the faithful. During the incident (…) she dropped her phone, which can be picked up at the police station” – wrote a reader of the epoznan.pl portal.

The police are waiting for an official notification

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– Mass was then celebrated by a priest who was a chaplain at the sisters in Kiekrz, who came to help us that day. I did not witness the incident, but the incident outraged the parishioners, who called the police. I know that someone took a picture of the woman and her car – says Damian Koper, vicar from the parish of pw. st. Michael the Archangel and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kiekrz.

Unfortunately, when officers arrived at the scene, there was no trace of the woman.

As emphasized by Maciej Święcichowski from the press team of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Poznań, the officers have already made some arrangements in this matter, but so far no official notification has been received, necessary to take further legal steps.

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