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Rally of the Civic Coalition in Wrocław. Donald Tusk’s speech about Russia and the ruling camp

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This is exactly the moment when we need, as never in recent years, a strong Poland, a safe Poland, a Poland where leadership is real – said the head of PO Donald Tusk at a rally in Wrocław.

Chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk spoke at a rally on Nowy Targ Square in the capital of Lower Silesia. Much of the speech was devoted to current events in Russia. – We are meeting on an extraordinary day, at the moment of a historical drama that may decide the fate of the entire continent, Poland, UkraineRussia, but in fact, perhaps about the fate of the whole world – he said.

He added that what is happening in Russia is “a source of hope for this final victory of freedom, Western civilization, human rightsUkraine over the invader, but it is also a source of very serious tensions and threats.

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– Today we see Russia perhaps collapsing, certainly in chaos, the consequences of which are unknown today. Today we see a dictatorship fall, but we do not know how painful the paroxysms of Putin’s falling dictatorship will be. This is exactly the moment when we need, as never in recent years, a strong Poland, a safe Poland, a Poland where leadership is real, a Poland where those who take responsibility for governing know what they are talking about, know what they have do, he stressed.

Rally of the Civic Coalition in WrocławTVN24

Tusk sensitized that “this is not the time to indulge in jokes, allusions, insinuations”. – Today, it is necessary to say precisely, unequivocally, directly what needs to be done here in Poland in order to avoid a bad scenario, so that Poland will again become a decent, efficient state, deeply rooted in the community of the West – he said.

– Under no circumstances can we condemn Poland to loneliness. Anyone who today, when the war is at our borders, when a civil war begins in Russia, anyone who declares a civil war against the European Union and the West at this time, raises his hand against the most vital interests of our homeland – he noted.

Donald Tusk in WrocławTVN24

Tusk: Kaczyński said he returned to the government and became deputy prime minister, because the party is the most important for him

The head of PO then mentioned today’s interview Jarosław Kaczyński at RMF FM. – I did not hear there, that there were no doubts, not a single sentence, not a single word about what is happening today in Voronezh, Rostov, Donbass and Moscow. Nothing, he concluded.

He added that Kaczyński did not notice that “the world stood on the edge”. – Do you know what he did? We found out this morning why President Kaczyński returned to the government and became the only deputy prime minister. He said that he returned to the government and became deputy prime minister because the most important thing for him is the party and that he intends to devote all his work in the government to his electoral success, he noted.

– Would it occur to you that when ruling a country like Poland, where there are 40 million citizens, a state with Russia, a state committed to helping Ukraine, that the head of the ruling camp would say that his party and electoral victory are the most important things for him? ? His honesty is the most shocking.

“Bogatynia showed what PiS power is like in a lens”

The leader of the PO reminded that PiS is organizing its rally today in Bogatynia in Lower Silesia. – When I found out that the heads of the ruling party, the highest PiS officials meet at their rally in Bogatynia, I thought that it was like in a classic crime story, that is, the criminal often returns to the scene of the crime. But for the entire organization to appear in a place that will remember for many years, that will have to endure in Poland their incompetent, dramatically unsuccessful, but in some dimensions bandit policy in Poland? Because Bogatynia showed what PiS’s power is like in a lens, he noted.

– It was in Bogatynia that the leaders of the local PiS robbed their commune, illegally collected garbage, traded drugs, and spent the money on electoral fraud, arranged jobs for all possible aunts – he mentioned.

Tusk then addressed viewers of government television, “this unbearable propaganda, this pack of lies that flows from government media every day.” – Yes, you are the victims of these lies, this propaganda, so listen dear, because it can no longer be that a third of Poland will be deprived of knowledge about what PiS has done in Bogatynia and throughout Poland – he noted.

– So PiS in Bogatynia, as in all of Poland, will steal what it cannot steal, it will spoil or destroy, this is the definition of their rule – he concluded.

Main photo source: tvn24

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