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The core curriculum is to be slimmed down, then it's time for new subjects. This is the Ministry of National Education's plan

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After the almost complete abolition of compulsory homework in primary schools, it is now time for further changes. The Ministry of National Education wants to reduce the core curriculum by up to 20 percent. The main point is to reduce the amount of theoretical information in favor of practical skills. In the longer term, history and the present are to become the past, and two new subjects are to appear: civic education and health education.

Optional housework was just the beginning. Now it's time for more changes. – We are now moving on to the so-called proper legislative process – informs Paulina Piechna- Więckiewicz, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of National Education.

This is a solution to the problems reported by teachers. – This is the result of analyses, research, but also recommendations, among others, from the teaching community, which said: the core curriculum is overloaded, we do not have time to implement it properly, it is detrimental to the quality of education – adds Piechna- Więckiewicz.

Teachers are generally in favor of changes, as is Przemysław Czarnek

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After completing the pre-consultations, the Ministry of National Education prepared projects that are intended to reduce the core curriculum by up to 20 percent. As the ministry assures, this is a necessary step. – We have a very outdated educational system. A system that involves forcing information and knowledge into children's heads, instead of skills and competences – points out Joanna Mucha, deputy minister of education.

The aim of the changes proposed by the ministry is not only to reduce the amount of material in lessons, but also to emphasize practical skills and reduce detailed requirements in the core curriculum. The examination requirements applicable in previous years are also to be transformed. However, this is met with mixed emotions among teachers.

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Nowacka: a change is necessary in the case of the subject education for safetyTVN24

– Cutting it off? Absolutely, but not at this rate. Successively and slowly – says Magdalena Prokaryn-Dynarska, principal of Primary School No. 1 in Łódź.

– I am only afraid that in such a broad consultation process, many interest groups or simply people who think they know what it should be like will appear, and this core curriculum could become such a bottomless bag again – points out Jacek Malinowski, history teacher at Secondary School No. 23 in Łódź.

– I think it's great and very good news that the core curriculum will be slimmed down by 20 percent, I was hoping for a little more – says Edyta Harasimczuk, principal of Primary School No. 9 in Białystok.

Slimming the entire core curriculum

The proposed changes cover grades 4-8 of primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools of both levels. The reduction in the core curriculum applies to almost all subjects, including Polish and other languages, history and mathematics.

– It's about the system. The point is that for most students who learn history at a basic level, it will not be necessary in the next stages of education – explains Jacek Malinowski.

Even the former Minister of Education is in favor of slimming the core curriculum. – The question is, what is it about losing weight? Because this is very important. The question is what will be removed from this core curriculum, and this needs to be discussed, because it is completely obvious that slimming down, especially in the older classes, is necessary – comments Przemysław Czarnek.

The slimming of the core curriculum and changes introduced by the Ministry of National Education are not only benefits for students, but also a great relief for teachers.

– Maybe these small steps will also inspire us to take these steps in education more boldly. (…) It kind of liberates teachers because they become more creative and are not boring – comments Edyta Harasimczuk.

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HiT liquidation, new items

The initial proposals are already there, now it's time for details. – Public consultations will be held with everyone. (…) Until May 13, you can send your additional comments by e-mail or using the form available on the ministry's website, which will again be taken into account and the full text of the regulation will be proposed later – informs Marcin Józefaciuk, MP of the Coalition. Civic and teacher at the same time.

Consultations and projects also include changes to the subject history and present, which is opposed by some teachers and – as announced – is to be abolished by the ministry. However, in September 2025, two new subjects will appear: civic education and health education.

– Our ambition is to prepare a much broader reform in terms of what we teach children – says Joanna Mucha.

The Ministry of Education assures that the changes introduced will not require replacing textbooks. The regulations are to enter into force at the beginning of the new school year.

Author:Magdalena Szepietowska

Main photo source: TVN24

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