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USA. Destructive tornadoes in Nebraska. Destroyed houses, derailed trains and suspended planes

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On Saturday, the weather threat increased significantly due to thunderstorms and tornadoes, which mainly hit Nebraska and Iowa in the US. CNN, citing local authorities, reported that tornadoes hit Nebraska they razed houses to the ground. The services are working to find the missing and help the injured.

Weather phenomena are forecast they may become even stronger on Sunday. According to the National Weather Service, 18 million people in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas are under an alert. Damaging, large-scale tornadoes and heavy rain are expected. The worst are expected to occur on the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Destructive tornadoes in Nebraska. Aircraft traffic was suspended

Bad conditions have persisted since Friday. An incident occurred in the city of Omaha, Nebraska temporary closure of the airport. Traffic resumed during the day on Saturday, but authorities warned passengers that they may face numerous delays.

And in Shelby and Douglas counties, some residents were displaced because their homes were at risk of collapse. Power was cut off in many places. There was highway damage on the outskirts of Lincoln and Waverly a tornado hit the railway and led to the derailment of several trains.

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According to reports from the National Weather Service, by 9:30 p.m. on Friday, it appeared in five American states 80 reports of tornadoes. These figures continue to grow.

Tornadoes hit the United States. They are injured

In many places, several people were reported injured, e.g. in Lancaster County, after a tornado, several people were injured at least three people.

A witness to the event, quoted by NBC News, said that when the tornado was approaching, he and his wife managed to hide. However, when they left, everything in the area was destroyed.

– Our fence was no longer there, we looked to the north-west and the entire area was gone – he reported. In turn, his wife stated that the district north of them was “quite flattened“.

Shared on social media many recordings and photos showing the moment of passage of the tornado or its consequences.

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