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The Dreamliner covered the Newark – Warsaw route an hour faster. LOT spokesman Krzysztof Moczulski comments

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The Dreamliner of LOT Polish Airlines covered the route from Newark in the United States to Warsaw in an hour less than expected, the carrier’s spokesman Krzysztof Moczulski said on social media. He explained that the plane, entering the jet stream, reached a speed of 1,230 kilometers per hour.

He added that the flight on this route took the Polish plane less than seven hours, which means that it completed the flight in record time.

“6h 55min – during this time, the LOT PL Airlines Dreamliner flew from EWRairport (Newark – PAP) to ChopinAirport (Chopin Airport – PAP). After entering the jetstream slot, it reached GS up to 665 kts (1,230 km/h) and reached Warsaw in an hour before the scheduled time,” a LOT spokesman said on the X platform.


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Already in 2016, scientists from the University of Reading stated that global warming associated with a doubling of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere would accelerate jet streams, which would slow down planes flying in the opposite direction (east to west). However, flights from west to east will be shorter.

Jet streams are very strong winds that blow at high altitudes over the southern and northern hemisphere. They are particularly important in the case of the busiest transatlantic air route. Airlines are trying to use the jet stream for their purposes – bypassing it or directing planes to increase their speed relative to the Earth’s surface. The driving force of the jet stream is the difference between the hot tropical region and the cold polar region.

Main photo source: Karol Ciesluk / Shutterstock.com

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