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The trial on the death of the father of the Minister of Justice. Commentary by judge Beata Morawiec

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Zbigniew Ziobro used the state apparatus in the case of his father’s death, revealed the journalists of “Czarno na Białe” in the report “Operacja Ziobro”. Judge Beata Morawiec, president of the “Themis” Association of Judges, pointed out on TVN24 that since the judge in charge of that case, who has such a strong moral backbone, does not feel confident because of the pressure he experiences, “a citizen should be afraid”.

He appeared in “Black and White” on TVN24 reportage “Operation Ziobro” concerning the death of Jerzy Ziobro – the father of the current Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General. It follows from it that Zbigniew Ziobro he used the state apparatus in his private case, and during the trial, the law was changed so that the prosecutor could join the case pending on the basis of a private indictment. This is what happened and Zbigniew Ziobro’s subordinate supported his superior in the process.

Judge Beata Morawiec, president of the “Themis” Association of Judges, commented on the case on TVN24 on Thursday.

Morawiec: a judge must be independent, must be independent and must not be subject to pressure

Judge Beata Morawiec said that she was a judge at the District Court in Kraków when the pressure from Zbigniew Ziobro on one of the local judges, shown in the material “Black and White”, took place there. – What we heard on the program is the honest truth. When confronted with the state, a citizen is in a really uncomfortable situation, she assessed.

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– If judges with such a moral backbone, with such knowledge, with such integrity as Judge Pilarczyk say that they feel discomfort resulting from the pressure of the executive, if they feel that they are threatened in contact with the state, then the citizen should be afraid – described Morawiec .

The guest of TVN24 was judge Beata Morawiec, president of the “Themis” Association of Judges.

The president of the “Themis” Association of Judges stated that in such a reality, if a person with a dispute with a state official appears before a judge, such a situation “may raise a lot of fears in the judge”. – A judge must be independent, must be impartial and must not be subject to pressure, so that the justice administered by him is in line with constitutional standards and the principles of European law – she described.

– This is unacceptable and very dangerous from the point of view of a citizen – she assessed the situation described in the report. – The minister used his position for his own private purposes – commented Morawiec on Zbigniew Ziobro’s behavior in this matter.

– The minister will not hold the office of justice minister for life. I hope that his career will end soon and then his responsibility for all the acts he committed by demolishing the Polish judiciary should be considered – said the president of the “Themis” Judges Association.

Main photo source: PAP/Albert Zawada

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