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Ukraine, Bakhmut. The Russians are shelling the city. The situation in the attacked Bakhmut

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Russian artillery shells exploded on the almost deserted streets of Bakhmut, Ukraine, over which the heaviest fighting is taking place. The city was attacked once again, despite the Kremlin’s announcement of a “ceasefire” for the Orthodox Christmas. Reuters journalists went to Bakhmut. They talked to people they met on the streets. During one of the conversations, another shelling took place.

The cloudless blue sky and a thin layer of snow only momentarily distract the view from the devastated, abandoned by most inhabitants of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region. Reuters journalists arrived in the city near the front line on Saturday. On the street, they spoke to Olha, a 75-year-old woman who had decided not to leave her home.

– Good God, our city used to be so beautiful. Roses and flowers grew everywhere, the woman told reporters. “It was clean, everything was fine,” she added. Her speech was interrupted by the sound of gunfire.

“Our city used to be so beautiful.” Russian shelling interrupted an interview in BakhmutReuters

As described by Reuters journalists, the drive through Bakhmut shows the scars of war after months of bombing. They paid attention to, among other things, destroyed shop windows and abandoned businesses.

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Photo from January 7, 2023

Destruction in BakhmutPhoto from January 7, 2023Reuters

There is a large group of volunteers in the city who are helping civilians who have decided not to leave the shelled Bakhmut. – Ceasefire. Do you know how it works? When Putin says there is a ceasefire, it is actually the other way around, there is no ceasefire, said one of the volunteers, 30-year-old Vasyl Liesin. For safety and shrapnel protection, the man wore a helmet and bulletproof vest.

– They shot at us many times yesterday. It was quite calm at night. But that’s how it usually is: one day there is shelling, the next day it’s calmer – admitted the volunteer.

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Photo from December 5

Destroyed block in BakhmutPhoto from December 5PAP/Eugene Titov

Liesin is among the people who help maintain the so-called “centres of steadfastness” – places created to provide residents with electricity, heat, water, internet services, mobile network connections and medicines free of charge. “The centers may show a steadfast spirit, although they are far from indestructible,” comments Reuters.

– Yesterday we visited one of the “centres of steadfastness”. We were there for 15-20 minutes, a rocket hit us. It damaged a volunteer vehicle, killed one person and injured four, Liesin said.

Photo from December 4

Fire after Russian shelling in BakhmutPhoto from December 4PAP/Eugene Titov

Bakhmut, before becoming a front city, had over 70,000 inhabitants. President in early December Volodymyr Zelensky assessed that it is “another city in Donbasswhich the Russian army turned into burnt ruins.

Main photo source: Reuters

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