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Ukraine. Change of law. It concerns passports of men of military age

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Cabinet of Ministers Ukrainy adopted a resolution according to which conscripts, i.e. men aged 18 to 60, will be able to obtain passports – both foreign and those of their own country – only in the territory of Ukrainy.

Ukrainians will no longer get a passport outside their country

“Obtaining a passport of a citizen of Ukraine takes place in a territorial unit or territorial unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Such Passports are not transferred to a separate branch or foreign diplomatic institution of Ukraine in order to issue them,” we read in a document on the government website.

The government has provided for several cases in which a Ukrainian citizen can obtain a passport at a diplomatic mission abroad. These are:

  • disabled people who have a disability certificate and appropriate status resulting from it
  • people with a disabled spouse (husband), in this case you must have documents confirming marriage and disability
  • persons with one of the parents or parents of the spouse (husband) among persons with disabilities of group I or II
  • people providing permanent care for people with disabilities of group I or II
  • parents and guardians of a disabled child under 18 years of age
  • parents who support an adult child who is a person with a disability of group I or II
  • grandparents or stepmother who accompany disabled children, etc.

For many Ukrainians staying outside the country, this is a major inconvenience, because when they want to obtain the appropriate document in their country, the government has the right to detain them in order to conscript them into the army and fight for the country, and many men of military age have fled Ukraine. before the war.

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The issuance of passports for Ukrainians has been suspended. This is the decision of the country's authorities

On Tuesday, passport services at consular offices for men from Ukraine aged 18 to 60 were suspended. This caused quite a stir. IN in Warsaw they lined up long queues – up to 300 people citizens of this country who tried collect your passport. Interestingly, even ready-made documents were not issued.

Initially, diplomats explained that it was all because of… “system failure”however, over time they admitted that it was a decision of the central authorities. This is the result of the actions of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, who ordered “to take actions to this end restoring fair treatment men of mobilization age in Ukraine and abroad. Dmytro Kułeba emphasized that staying abroad does not release a citizen from his duties towards his homeland.

The decision of the head of diplomacy is, in turn, a direct result of its entry into force mobilization act signed at the beginning of April by president Volodymyr Zelensky.

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