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Ukraine. “We are preparing for the worst.” Commander on the Russian offensive

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In an interview with Radio NV, the Ukrainian soldier drew attention to the current tactics used by Russian commanders in several directions of the front. By Mykola Volokhov “Front probing” is currently underwayi.e. searching for the weakest places in the defense lines.

At the same time, the commander noticed that, despite many efforts, the Russians They have not had any success in this “probing” so far.

Ukraine. “We are preparing”

Continuing the description of actions taken by the Armed Forces Ukrainy Volokhov noted that the units at the front were defending themselves against Russian attacks, while preparing fortifications in the event of an enemy offensive.

We prepare for the worst-case scenario, based on the enemy's maximum capabilities, not on the most likely actions. Such action is a universal approach both in war and in business – explained the commander.

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– We are wondering how to get ahead of the competition, at least in planning our activities, and it will be better than our maximum potential – he added.

War in Ukraine. Commander on the Russian offensive

The deputy commander of the AZOW Regiment also commented on the preparations for the summer offensive of the Russian army, Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Maksym Zhorin. According to the Ukrainian military officer, this will be a completely new stage of hostilities for which Ukrainians must be prepared.

– Most likely it will be in the Kharkiv region. However, I do not rule out that they may also start putting pressure in Kharkovunderstanding the limitations of our resources, he argued.

– They will force us to transfer our forces there (to Kharkov – ed.), and at the same time they will establish a separate theater of events in the south – he added.

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