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Warsaw. Activists stormed the stage of the National Philharmonic. Recording

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– This is an alarm. Our world is burning. We are the last generation that can stop the climate catastrophe – shouted two women from the stage of the National Philharmonic. Climate activists disrupted Sunday’s concert and were arrested by the police.

Two activists of the “Ostatnie Pokolenie” group disrupted a concert at the National Philharmonic, held on the occasion of the 80th birthday and 60th anniversary of Antoni Wit’s artistic work. The women stormed the stage shouting: “This is an alarm. Our world is burning. We are the last generation that can stop the climate catastrophe. We demand radical investment in public transport.”

After less than a minute, both activists were removed from the stage by philharmonic security. In the video posted by the formation on social media, we can see, among other things, the conductor snatching a banner from them. During the 50-second event, the orchestra did not stop playing.

The organization’s website also published information that the women had been identified by the police. “They are ready for possible consequences,” activists wrote.

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They talk about climate collapse

“The Last Generation” is a civic campaign whose members want to force the government to start taking seriously the health and safety of citizens in times threatened by climate collapse,” the group wrote in a press release after the event. “Today it brings together nearly a hundred people,” they added .

The Youth Climate Strike took to the streets of Polish citiesYoung people in several Polish cities are protesting on the streets. This is the Youth Climate Strike. According to the participants, adults are still not doing enough to save our common planet. The climate catastrophe is getting bigger.Marta Warchoł | Facts in the afternoon

Main photo source: The Last Generation, Facebook

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