White Podlaska. Paraglider in the school playground. He tried to take off from there


Employees of Primary School No. 9 in Biała Podlaska (lubelskie province) were shocked when they saw a man with a paraglider in the middle of the school turf. It turned out that he wanted to start from there.

A man with a paraglider is standing in the middle of the field. This photo was posted on the facility’s Facebook profile by employees of Primary School No. 9 in Biała Podlaska.

“Signs inform about the prohibition, but these visible signs are not enough for some,” they wrote in the post.

They saw a paraglider on the fieldPrimary School 9 in Biała Podlaska/Facebook

Tried to take off

They also attached a photo showing a sign prohibiting Nordic walking, roller skates, roller skates, scooters and bicycles. The paraglider, however, was not mentioned there.

“Ps. This gentleman wasn’t landing, he was trying to take off from our pitch! Shock!” – they write later in the post.

The field was not damaged

School headmistress Bernardeta Mikołajczak, answering a question from a concerned internet user who was curious if the pitch can still be used, wrote in the discussion under the post that “you can play on the pitch and run on the treadmill”.

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There is a sign next to it with information about prohibitions Primary School 9 in Biała Podlaska/Facebook

According to “Dziennik Wschodni”, which described the case on Friday, the over 300-meter running track is four-track and was built using a permeable polyurethane and rubber surface.

“It cost PLN 860,000. This is one of the winning civic budget projects submitted by councilor Robert Woźniak (Civic Coalition), a physical education teacher in this facility on a daily basis,” the newspaper informs.

Main photo source: Primary School 9 in Biała Podlaska/Facebook

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