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Zbigniew Ziobro, the trial after his father’s death. How did the prosecutor’s office work in the Ziobro case. Donald Tusk comments

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Zbigniew Ziobro believes that power, the prosecutor’s office and the law are meant to be used against people, said Donald Tusk on Wednesday. The PO chairman assessed that Ziobro’s entire political career was marked by such events and actions. This is how Tusk referred to TVN24’s “Black and white” report, which describes how the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General used the state apparatus in a private matter.

It was broadcast in “Black and White” on TVN24 report by Marta Gordziewicz “Operation Ziobro” concerning the death of Jerzy Ziobro, father of the current Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General. The material shows that Zbigniew Ziobro used the state apparatus in a private case, and during the course of the trial, the regulations were changed so that the prosecutor could join the case pending on the basis of a private indictment. This is what happened, and Ziobro’s subordinate supported his superior in the process.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki avoided answering the question about TVN24’s findings in this case. – This is a very delicate and personal matter. I don’t want to comment on that,” he said on Tuesday.

Tusk on Ziobro: the most radical illustration of lawlessness under PiS rule

The head of the Civic Platform was asked for a comment on the report at a conference in the Senate Donald Tusk.

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– Ziobro’s entire political career is marked by events and actions that clearly indicate that Mr. Ziobro believes that power, the prosecutor’s office and the law are meant to be used against people – Tusk said. He assessed that “when Ziobro has power, he uses this power ruthlessly, beyond all norms, towards ordinary people, whether they are doctors or opposition politicians.”

Tusk noted that he “does not have to convince himself that he knows anything about how Minister Ziobro abuses his power and how he uses the prosecutor’s office to pursue his political, family, personal, whatever interests.” – If I am positively surprised by something, it is that the media independent of the authorities have been showing for many months that they are really independent, really brave. I bow my head low over journalists, newspapers, stations, which after some time, but still, decided to confront evil. Not in the interest of the party, not in the interest of the opposition, but in the interest of elementary standards, he said.

Boss AFTER assessed that Zbigniew Ziobro “is the most radical illustration of what lawlessness is during the rule of PiS in Poland”.

Donald Tusk at a conference in the Senate PAP/Radek Pietruszka

“They talk about broken biographies, some say directly: we are afraid of the Ziobro family”
The case of the Ziobro family before the justice system. “The minister absolutely choked on power”

Main photo source: PaweĊ‚ Supernak/PAP

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