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Dębe Wielkie. Remains of an air bomb found near the tracks

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It must be remembered that the explosive used in military technology is, in practice, completely resistant to all types of weather conditions and retains its explosive properties regardless of the date of production. Explosive items are considered to be all types of items of military origin which, due to their explosive properties, pose a danger if handled improperly (moving, disassembling, throwing, etc.). These include in particular: · fuses, · missiles, · aircraft bombs, · artillery and rifle cartridges, · armored vehicles, · grenades, · mines of all types, · charges of explosives, · metal scrap containing remains of explosives. Failure to take appropriate safety measures after finding a misfire or explosion, or improper conduct resulting from lack of awareness of the impending danger, may lead to many unnecessary misfortunes and even death. If such items are found, the police should be immediately notified, who will check whether the found item is explosive and dangerous, notify the military unit and secure the site until the mining patrol arrives. When informing the police, you should: · precisely specify the place of discovery; · determine what was found, appearance, general dimensions, quantity; · provide the telephone number/contact address/ of the person informing about the find. Found unexploded ordnance must not be lifted, dug out, moved, or thrown into a fire or into places such as ponds or deep ditches.

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