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“Die Welt”: Ukraine needs modern tanks to win over Russia and end the war

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The delivery of Western combat vehicles to Ukraine, announced by Germany, the USA and France, is a breakthrough – assessed Welt.de on Saturday – the portal of the daily “Die Welt”. The German newspaper estimates that the military assistance to Ukraine so far has been insufficient and has resulted in many unnecessary victims.

As the portal emphasizes, this week there was a decisive turn in the West’s policy towards Ukraine. Thanks to the well-armed French “light tanks” AMX 10-RC, German Marder infantry fighting vehicles and even better American Bradleys, “the West breaks with the existing taboo” and finally delivers modern heavy armament, journalists estimate.

These vehicles are not the most modern weapons in the arsenal of the West, but they are definitely better than the old Soviet models used by both Ukraine and Russia – emphasizes Welt.de.

“Late but better than never”

“This is the end of an ambivalent policy held by the West for too long. We delivered what Ukraine needed to avoid a Russian invasion, but not enough for Kyiv to regain Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory,” notes the portal and adds that the previous moderate the actions “consumed many unnecessary victims on the Ukrainian side.”

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Since early October, Russia has significantly escalated the war, systematically targeting critical civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, in complete violation of international law. “On the other hand, the West has not responded with an equally increased aid to Ukraine. This response is coming only now. Late, but better than never,” concludes Welt.

“The more powerfully we arm Ukraine, the sooner this war will end in its victory”

“You can’t keep insisting that you want to do everything for a Ukrainian victory and then block the necessary weapons. This was also clearly against our own interests, because the more we arm Ukraine, the sooner this war will end in its victory and the sooner our economies will be able to recover from inflation and high energy prices” – convinces the German daily. Actions announced this week by the leaders German, France and the US, according to the newspaper, is a major turning point – the promised weapons will become an important part of Ukraine’s offensive efforts, necessary to liberate the territory still occupied by the Russians. However, this is not enough – you also need modern Western tanks, such as the American Abrams or the German Leopard. “And the pressure on Germany is also growing regarding these weapons. According to media reports, the Polish government is considering delivering its own Leopard 2s to Ukraine, which, however, requires the consent of Germany” – informs Welt.

Finland is also ready to supply the Leopards, according to the acting Minister of Defense Mikko Savola, if other European countries follow suit. “So Germany would not have to act alone, but together in concert with other European countries,” the portal emphasizes. “It is important that this precious time is not wasted again on German musings, while Ukrainian soldiers die every day defending their country and the European peace order against Russian aggression,” concludes Welt.

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