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Finland. Investigation against the head of the security and counterintelligence agency

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Last year, in a program on Russian state television Rossiya 24 (and Russia Today), Russian media attacked Finnish counterintelligence. “Helsinki is a bridgehead for Western agents and serve the American CIA, the British MI6, the Estonian KAPO, and the Swedish MUST for espionage against Russia“.

National Prosecutor's Office in Finland initiated an investigation after the broadcast of this propaganda reportage – wrote the daily “Iltalehti”

In connection with the one conducted in Finland investigation, he was to be suspended from his duties also one of the chief inspectors in the counterintelligence department, a newspaper published in Helsinki reported.

After this publication, the authorities only issued a statement that: the investigation was transferred to the prosecutor general's officewho is responsible for supervising the intelligence service, and the case focuses on “suspicion violation of official duties in connection with the operation of the information source and possible leakage of secret information as a result of hacking into a computer owned by a private person.

In the Russian program, with the voice of a representative FSB, it was reported that Finnish agents use the facilities located next to the Russian embassy in Helsinki, among others. hairdressing salons and travel agencies to collect information about Russian diplomats and their relatives. These places usually employ Russian-speaking staff, which SUPO is trying to recruit, it was emphasized.

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Finland. Antti Pelttari “should step aside”

Antti Pelttari headed SUPO from 2011 to 2024. “I am ready to participate in the explanation matters relating to the period during my term of office,” X said on the platform.

Some Finnish politicians demanded the Speaker of Parliament take action against the current secretary of Eduskunta in connection with the ongoing investigation.

“Just moving directly from managing SUPO to parliament raises doubts. To preserve the reputation of the Pelttari Parliament he should be ready to step aside” – wrote the main Finnish daily “Helsingin Sanomat” in its Thursday edition.

The newspaper emphasized that the case was “unique and serious“. “It may also have unpleasant consequences, because the suspicion also affects Finland's credibility in the eyes of partner countries,” concluded “HS” in the main editorial comment.

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