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The Act on the Supreme Court and payment of funds from KPO. Donald Tusk’s appeal and the assurance of the opposition

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Funds from the European Union are blocked by an idiotic, unnecessary dispute within the ruling camp. I don’t know anyone in the opposition camp who would like to block this money. The entire responsibility for the fact that these tens of billions of euros do not reach Polish families and companies falls on the government, PiS and their internal quarrels, said PO Donald Tusk in the Senate.

Today, MPs are to consider a draft amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court and other courts, which was prepared by PiS deputies and submitted to the Sejm on December 13 last year. According to the authors, the project is to complete a key “milestone” for the European Commission to unlock funds from the National Recovery Plan. Among other things, she criticized the project Solidarity PolandPiS coalition partner.

Before the meeting Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz (PSL), at a joint conference with Borys Budka (KO), Krzysztof Gawkowski (Left) and Hanna Gill-Piątek (Poland 2050), informed about the joint decision that the opposition would not support any motion to reject the draft amendment to the law on the Supreme Court in the first reading.

– We are united on this. The opposition speaks with one voice, clearly and firmly, it gives a chance for these funds to go to Poland – said Kosiniak-Kamysz. – Of course, this must be in line with our beliefs and values, but today we have made a joint decision that we will not support any motion for rejection in the first reading, but we will work on this bill – he assured.

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Tusk: money is waiting

The chairman of the Civic Platform spoke on the fate of the amendment that day in the Senate Donald Tusk. – I hope that this year will actually bring good news for all Polish families in its finale. Today, everyone in the Sejm, soon in the Senate, is discussing European money, he said.

– I don’t think I need to explain to anyone how important and how big this money is, extremely needed in this very difficult period for Polish families and Polish companies. I also do not have to explain how disgusted we are that the government of Prime Minister (Mateusz) Morawiecki for many months, actually for years, has not been able to pay the money that Poland negotiated, for which it agreed with the entire European Union, not is able to bring this money to Poland. They are waiting, he said.

Tusk stressed that the funds are being blocked by “an idiotic, unnecessary dispute within the ruling camp”. He added that “this circus” can be finished “in two days”. – The government and PiS should thank God that they have such a constructive and positive attitude towards European issues opposition. I don’t know anyone in the opposition camp who would like to block this money. The entire responsibility for the fact that these tens of billions of euros do not reach Polish families and companies falls on the government, PiS and their internal quarrels, he noted.

Donald Tusk at a conference in the SenatePAP/Radek Pietruszka

Turning to Mateusz Morawiecki, Tusk said: – The prime minister’s job is to give orders to ministers, not to negotiate long, long months with his ministers. Probably more important than Mr. (Zbigniew) Ziobro is the future of Poland, the Polish economy and family enterprises, and they will largely depend on whether these billions will go to Poland or not.

– So please, do not use any frivolous, silly political tricks. There is no need. You will not convince anyone that someone other than you is to blame for the fact that there is no money in Poland, he stressed, addressing the rulers. – End this dispute today and tomorrow the opposition will allow you to adopt this imperfect law without any problem, but if it can be enough, as Prime Minister Morawiecki claims, then Civic Platform, Civic Coalition and the entire opposition will certainly not be disturb and block it. Once again, I strongly urge you: be serious. This money is the money of Poles, he declared.

Tusk: the opposition shows maximum goodwill

Answering journalists’ questions, Tusk was asked what the opposition would do in the Sejm if its amendments were rejected. – There are various rumors in the backstage that there may be some amendments or proposals put forward by the ruling camp or the president. So, in my opinion, today it is too early to say how the final vote in the Sejm will be, because we would not know what this document will really look like – he replied.

– I want to say something that seems to be the most honest offer possible to all Polish voters. If the bill, as Morawiecki presented it, is a draft negotiated with the European Union, the European Commission, he brought it here and he almost begged that no one should change this draft, because he is afraid that the Commission will be dissatisfied. It is true that I said and can repeat these words: Mateusz, don’t be so afraid of this European Commission. If these were the amendments we propose, they would certainly be fully accepted, but I am also convinced that if Morawiecki gives his head that this bill, agreed with the Commission, will give this money, then I have no problem with The platform, the coalition, the entire opposition voted “for” or “abstained”, because it does not matter in terms of practical consistency – he said.

He admitted that he would like all opposition parties to “behave uniformly on this issue, without blocking the possibility of obtaining money.”

– If this law is changed in such a way that it again clearly affects the rule of law, deteriorated, then I see no reason for us to support such a law – he replied. He announced that if the law is changed, “all the fun is for nothing” and EU money “will be blocked”. Tusk also mentioned that the Prime Minister “was saying yesterday” that the law “should not be changed”.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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