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Tornadoes in the USA. Dead and extensive damage. Residents' accounts

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In the northeastern part of the United States, losses after storms and tornadoes are being counted, in which at least three people died. Meanwhile, the region was again hit by violent phenomena on Thursday.

Violent storms, tornadoes and hailstorms hit the northeastern part of the United States on Wednesday. The wind was so strong that electricity poles fell and trees were broken.

One of the tornadoes occurred in Tennessee in Maury County, about 40 kilometers south of Nashville, killing one person. Another fatality in the state was a 22-year-old Claiborne County man who was in his car when a tree fell on him during a storm. In North Carolina, a fallen tree also killed one person in Carbon County.

“I went outside and saw war-like destruction”

– It was like it just fell from the sky. It was simply the loudest sound I had ever heard in my life and it just shook you to your core and just scared you to death. I went outside and saw war-like destruction, said one of the residents.

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– I heard something hitting the front windows downstairs. It turned out to be roofing material and other things lying on the ground, the man said.

Destruction in the northeastern USACable News Network Inc. All rights reserved 2024

Thursday was another day when violent weather phenomena swept through the south and southeast. Texas was particularly affected. During heavy rainstorms, hail the size of tennis balls fell. From that state to North Carolina, strong winds snapped trees.

A series of tornadoes

Since April 25, at least one tornado has been reported in the U.S. every day. In total, over 300 tornadoes were reported during these 15 days, CNN writes. April and May are the months with the most tornadoes in the United States.

Main photo source: Cable News Network Inc. All rights reserved 2024

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