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Zabiel. The pigeon fell into the chimney. Firemen pulled him out

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Firefighters intervened in one of the houses in Zabiele (Lubelskie Voivodeship), where a pigeon fell into the chimney. They scooped up the soot and set the bird free. The pigeon drank some water and flew away.

– We received the notification on Friday, July 21, at 10.42. In the village of Zabiele, in the district of Radzyń, a pigeon fell into a chimney in one of the residential buildings – says aspirant Jan Janczak from the Management Position of the Provincial Commander of the State Fire Service in Lublin.

One team of firefighters from the PSP District Headquarters in Radzyń Podlaski was sent to the site. – The intervention lasted 48 minutes. The actions consisted in securing the scene, removing soot, getting the bird out of the chimney and releasing it into the wild – informs Asp. Janczak.

They saved the pigeonKP PSP Radzyn Podlaski

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The elk got tangled in the fence, the dog fell into the crack

Senior Captain Krzysztof Gomółka from the KP PSP in Radzyń Podlaski recalls that not so long ago firefighters rescued an elk that had become entangled with its antlers in a net surrounding a forest nursery.

– I also remember that once we also pulled out a dog that fell into a crack in the outbuilding. It was narrow and about a meter deep.

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He drank and flew away KP PSP Radzyn Podlaski

Main photo source: KP PSP Radzyn Podlaski

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