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California. The water took a 5-year-old boy from the car. His mother couldn’t hold him in her arms

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As a result of a powerful storm that hit California on Monday, a dramatic event took place. Five-year-old Kyle Doan was torn from the car by the rushing current, and his mother was unable to hold him in her arms. “I was holding on to a tree and trying to grab Kyle’s hands, but the current took him away,” the distraught woman told reporters. The search for the boy has been going on for four days.

On Monday, January 9, California was struck by another powerful and tragic one storm. Two people were killed, bringing the death toll from the violent weather to at least 14. Five-year-old Kyle Doan is among the victims. While his mother, Lindsy Doan, was driving him to kindergarten that day, her car got stuck on the road. Then the vehicle, washed by the water, began to drift towards the San Marcos Creek, which burst its banks after catastrophic rainfall. The car stopped only when it hit a tree. Then the water began to penetrate inside it. Moments later, tragedy struck.

“I was holding on to a tree and trying to catch Kyle”

Lindsy Doan was sure she couldn’t stay with her son in the flooded car. So she asked the 5-year-old to unfasten his seat belt. Just as she was trying to pull him to her so they could leave the vehicle together, the boy was swept away by the current. “I was holding on to a tree and trying to grab Kyle’s hands, but the current took him away,” the distraught mother told reporters. Kyle drifted down, and I saw his head bob above the surface of the water…

Kyle Dolan was swept away by the water. His search continuesSLO County Sheriff’s Office

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The boy’s father, Brian Doan, says his wife made the best decision when water began to pour into the vehicle. I’ll keep emphasizing that. (Lindsy – ed.) She couldn’t stay in the car with Kyle. At some point, the water would take the car away. They got out. It was the right decision, he said in an interview with KSBY television.

Local residents helped save Kyle’s mother. They pulled the woman out of the water with a rope. The boy was too far away by then. “My wife is feeling better now, but she’s still struggling with what happened. We all struggle with this,” Brian Doan, the grieving father of the five-year-old, told NBC4. “We’re lucky that (Lindsy – ed.) is still here,” he added.

The vehicle in which the mother and her youngest child were traveling was later found upside down. It was covered with a layer of mud and debris.

The search for the boy continues

The search for Kyle Doan began on Monday, but was abandoned later that afternoon due to the weather conditions. It resumed on Tuesday, but was then suspended again due to poor visibility. On Wednesday, new law enforcement units joined the action. On Thursday, soldiers from the 270th company of the military police were also involved in the search. Tracking dogs are also used to comb the area.

The boy’s father, however, admits that he is losing hope for a successful end to the search. “It’s getting harder every day, we still don’t have any answers,” he told NBC4. “It’s hard for many people to admit that this is no longer a rescue operation at this point,” he told KSBY television. It’s something no parent wants to admit. In a way, I knew that from the first night. It’s a terrible thought, especially when it comes to your child.

– He is a wonderful boy who liked to dance. He was very exiled and sociable. He liked to fool around and get attention like other five-year-olds do. He played football and loved “Paw Patrol” (animated series – ed.) – Brian Doan described his son. “He couldn’t wait to go back to kindergarten,” he added. That day, the boy was going there after a break from classes.

Kyle Dolan SLO County Sheriff’s Office

Catastrophic storms in California

California was hit by thunderstorms and heavy rainfall with very strong winds. Tens of thousands of people were left without electricity and some schools were closed. Streets and highways turned into raging rivers, trees fell, mudslides were reported, and roads were blocked by falling debris, the AP reported.

Flooded roads in the town of MontecitoReuters/Craig

President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency to support storm relief efforts in more than a dozen California counties.

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Main photo source: SLO County Sheriff’s Office

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