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Kraśnik. PLN 2,000 fine for a priest for digging up a slope without the conservator's permission

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The parish priest in Kraśnik (Lubelskie) carried out earthworks related to the construction of photovoltaic panels on the Old Town slope without consent. The case was reported by the former social guardian of monuments, who believes that the investment has worsened the panorama of the Old Town and may contribute to the formation of cracks in the walls of the former monastery from the 15th century. The priest has to pay a fine of PLN 2,000.

– Although the small amount of the fine imposed is surprising, I am glad that the case has come to an end – said Dr. Dominik Szulc, former social guardian of monuments in the Kraśnik district. He drew the attention of the conservation services to the work that was carried out in the fall of 2022 on the Old Town slope in Kraśnik, where photovoltaic panels were installed. They were erected in the parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, near the 15th-century building of the former monastery of canons regular (today the building is used by the parish).

Photovoltaic panels were installed near the former monastery Dominik Szulc

He did not have a permit for earthworks

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Szulc argued that the parish priest only had permission to place the panels on the ground, but not to dig up the slope. – In my opinion, these works significantly disturbed the shape of the slope and had a negative impact on the panorama of the Old Town – he noted.

He also pointed out that in 1979, specialists from the Krakow University of Science and Technology carried out geological research in Kraśnik and found that there were ground movements within the slope, which was the reason for cracks appearing on the walls of the 15th-century monastery. Szulc is afraid that digging up the slope by the priest may cause the walls to crack further.

The priest did not have permission to carry out earthworks Dominik Szulc

The response we received from the conservation services shows that the problem of cracks in the monastery walls has been the subject of their interest since 1957, but after structural protection was implemented in the 1980s, there were no new reports on this subject.

Conservator: there is no threat to the structural stability of the walls

However, when it comes to the priest's activities, the conservation services drew attention to the fact that the works were not carried out in the area immediately adjacent to the former monastery.

– The excavations were not deep enough to pose a threat to the structural stability of the walls. Nevertheless, we will monitor this matter – assured Dr. Dariusz Kopciowski, Lublin provincial conservator of monuments. He added that only the so-called humus (i.e. the top layer of soil), and in some parts it was dug to a depth of 30 or 50 centimeters.

The conservation services imposed a penalty Dominik Szulc

– It was definitely not a drastic interference with the slope. It only influenced the appearance of its lower part, which – in our opinion – does not constitute a significant change in the city's panorama – noted the conservator.

He imposed a fine of PLN 2,000 on the priest. Because the clergyman (as Dr. Szulc also pointed out), having only permission to erect panels, carried out earthworks.

– The punishment is the same because there were mitigating circumstances. After our intervention, the priest started cooperation. He also agreed to carry out archaeological research, thanks to which it was possible to discover previously unknown fortifications, which centuries ago were probably part of the moat surrounding the monastery buildings – explained the conservator.

The former social guardian of monuments claims that the investment had a negative impact on the city's panorama Dominik Szulc

According to the information we obtained from the Kraśnik city hall and the district office, the parish priest received development conditions in December 2022, and a building permit in February 2023. From then on, he could conduct the investment legally. According to the explanations he gave to the conservation services, he believed that no permit was required for earthworks.

Chancellor of the curia: the fine has been paid, the matter is over for us

We contacted the parish priest, Fr. Jerzy Zamorski. However, he refused to comment.

Chancellor of the Metropolitan Curia in Lublin, Fr. Dr. Adam Jaszcz assured that there was no ill will on the priest's part. “The parish priest is the administrator of the parish, he must take into account the conservator and must ensure the economic dimension of the facility entrusted to him. He must find himself as one who respects the law, meets the guidelines of various officials – not only the conservator, but above all, he takes care of his parishioners. On There are disputes regarding the lines of these relations,” he explained in an e-mail.

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He added that sometimes parish priests report problematic situations, e.g. that the conservator's opinion conflicts with fire safety regulations. “In Kraśnik, the fine was paid and the formalities were completed. For us, the matter is over,” said the priest. Waggon.

Author:Tomasz Mikulicz

Main photo source: Dominik Szulc

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