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Mount Fuji covered. Foreign tourists were to blame

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Fujikawaguchiko is a popular place for taking photos Fuji – the sacred mountain of the Japanese. However, the city authorities decided to do so at the request of the residents cover the view of the volcano with a black screen measuring 2.5 by 20 meters and thus stopping the invasion of tourists who do not follow the rules.

“The construction of the screen will start next week,” reports the AFP agency.

Japan. A large screen will cover the most famous mountain

Residents lament over this decision, but they are convinced that it will help maintain order. They accuse foreign tourists about littering and illegal parking in search of the perfect shot.

As residents emphasize, some people destroy buildings and invade private space. To take the perfect photo, they climb on the roofs of houses and shops.

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“It's regrettable that we have to do this because of some touristswho do not follow the rules,” say residents.

Before local officials tried to solve the problemputting up road signs, but it didn't help.

Japan is experiencing a tourism boom. Popular trail for a fee only

Once travel restrictions are lifted Japan is experiencing a tourism boom. In March 2024, for the first time in history, the number of tourists visiting this country exceeded 3 million.

The growing number of tourists has caused, however a wave of new problems. The road to Fuji is often crowded with too many tourists. Congestions are forming on the route. There is also a trail more and more cluttered.

Since this summer, tourists have been climbing the mountain they will have to pay a fee $13. The authorities hope that this will help the number of people will be limited climbing to the top.

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